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Parliament collapses. The Monarchy militarises. England is close to civil war. 

Agent One. You have been promoted to squad leader of the BLISTER Unit, a Crisis Response Team dispatched to resolve high-value hostage situations and national security incidents. 

Take command of up to four skilled BLISTER Agents and suppress the insurgent activities that threaten Royalist rule. Protect the Crown! 


BLISTER is a tactical single-player shooter set during a modern re-imagining of the English Civil Wars, blending tense FPS combat with strategic planning. 

Assume the role of Agent One and command your NPC officers through a series of challenging counter-terrorist operations, from raiding insurgent strongholds to resolving hostage standoffs and defusing bombs. 

Use a reconnaissance drone to scout rooms, identify targets and assign your unit to different roles like war-pieces on a gameboard before executing your plan in dramatic FPS combat. 

Use a host of lethal and non-lethal weaponry to subdue, incapacitate or eliminate your aggressors. Use psychological tactics to cajole combatants into giving up their weapons or engage in a full-frontal assault, leaving no man standing. 

BLISTER is a counter-terrorism sandbox and the choice is yours to play as fair-mindedly or ruthlessly as you please. Uphold the law or break the Geneva Convention—it's up to you. 


  1. Lead an elite firearms team through various missions, sieges and hostage rescues 
  2. Conduct missions in 10 levels set in locations throughout the UK, from abandoned offices, council estates and power plants to countryside mansions, slaughterhouses and oil rigs 
  3. Choose from 50+ lethal and non-lethal weapons together with a diverse assortment of gadgets and grenades 
  4. Customise your weapons and BLISTER officers with attachments, skins and armour types with a weight-based loadout system—whether you go in wearing black, winter camo or pink, we won't judge 
  5. Blast from the past: fight against the Roundheads, Ironsides and the fearsome Barons in our absurd reinterpretation of British history 
  6. Police Mode: the story-based mode with predefined objectives and a limited selection of real-life counter-terrorism gear 
  7. Assault Mode: unlock Assault to expose the entire level and its enemies to your control, sandbox-style, with BLISTER's full range of awesome and ridiculous weaponry