BLISTER is a tactical singleplayer shooter set during a modern reimagining of the English Civil Wars, blending tense FPS combat with strategic planning.

Assume the role of Officer Able and command your NPC officers through a series of challenging counter-terrorist operations, from raiding insurgent strongholds to resolving hostage standoffs and defusing bombs.

BLISTER is a counter-terrorism sandbox and the choice is yours to play as fair-mindedly or ruthlessly as you please. Uphold the law or break the Geneva Convention—it's up to you.


Rich and varied locations around the UK

Lead an elite firearms team through varied sieges and hostage rescues from abandoned offices, council estates and power plants to countryside mansions, slaughterhouses and oil rigs. 


Tasers, beanbags and flashbangs

Use a host of lethal and non-lethal weaponry to subdue, incapacitate or eliminate your aggressors. Use psychological tactics to cajole combatants into giving up their weapons or engage in a full-frontal assault, leaving no man standing.