BLISTER is a tactical singleplayer shooter set during a modern reimagining of the English Civil Wars, blending tense FPS combat with strategic planning.

Methodical Planning System

  • Player dictates two-person NPC team’s exact movements and actions

    • Iterative planning is player’s key to success

    • Encourage smart use of tactics, team positioning and gadgets

  • Inspired by Rainbow Six: Raven Shield, Doorkickers, Frozen Synapse

Chaotic FPS Action

  • Encourages both lethal and non-lethal gunfighting

  • Emphasis on player’s choice of approach to varied situations

    • Weapons, attachments, gadgets, grenades

    • Changing tactics based on whether player is approaching hostage, bomb or insurgents

  • Chunky movement, heavy weapons, Hot Fuzz-style action

Satirical UK Setting & Location

  • The monarchy has disbanded parliament and surveillance reigns, pitting Royalists against Parliamentarians

  • The player assumes the role of a Royalist, quelling the people’s uprising

    • Moral ambiguity

    • Two endings based on whether player’s actions were majority lethal or non-lethal

  • Scope for interesting locations

    • Countryside mansions, council estates, lavish UK government buildings (see GIFs)

  • Long-lasting missions with many approaches for replayability. Ideally 40-60 minutes per


Tactical, methodical FPS games have seen a resurgence in popularity, with hardcore fans wishing for more in the genre for a long time since the departure of game like SWAT.

  • Tactical Shooter fans are extremely passionate

    • Many not satisfied with their current game options

    • Desire for new game in the vein of SWAT and classic Rainbow 6

  • Many successful heavily planning/tactics-based games

    • Doorkickers, Breach & Clear, Frozen Synapse

  • BLISTER’s USP: blending RTS Planning with chaotic FPS action

    • Blending FPS and Tactical Planning widens possible audience

  • BLISTER’s popularity steadily growing with many saying “Finally what we are looking for!”

    • Originally greenlit on Steam Greenlight in 9 days

    • 10k views on initial trailer, without marketing

    • YouTubers creating fairly popular videos based on our video output

    • Heavy interest from international markets - particularly Asia


ITEM42 was founded by two brothers working together to make games and realtime experiences in UE4 for the last 5 years.

Helping other developers to succeed

Creating realtime enterprise experiences

  • Working with varied clients with emphasis on realism

    • Architects, constructors, VFX Companies, Airlines, Manufacturing such as Panasonic and Spotify

  • PC, VR (Oculus/Vive/DayDream) iOS, Android, ARCore, ARKit


Our team

  • We are a very small permanent team of two surrounded by a collection of programmers, 3D artists and musicians enabling BLISTER to come to light

  • Our obsession with games is truly Unreal

What do we need?

  • Funding. Everything so far has been done part time

    • BLISTER Minimum Budget Summary

    • Open to budget suggestions and alternative plans

    • 14 months budget, 12 months estimated production time. 2 month extension for contingency and payment delay - release in Q4 2019

    • Expansion of budget could do some work towards shortening production time

    • Considering early access Q2 2019 with fewer missions

  • Marketing support

    • BLISTER has some presence on social media, consistently growing passionate followers

    • Needs experienced marketing to reach its potential

  • Localisation

    • We have player interest from Asian markets, especially China and Japan

  • Console port possible

    • Would be best with support from console experienced publisher