Complete Dark RPG Template

This extensive template gives you the complete set of foundations for you to create your game in the Dark RPG style.

All Blueprints are fully documented for easy understanding and extension for your game.


•Full combat system including weapon specific light and heavy attacks, dodging and consumables (potions)

•All the essential animations for combat, movement and interaction

•Player and Zombie skeletal meshes with a set of beautiful armour, all rigged to the UE4 default skeleton

•A huge example environment with basic castle exterior and dungeon underneath NOTE: Contains generic display textures only

•Enemy AI including perception-Sight and Sound

•Inventory and equipment system with Armor, Weapons, Consumables, Trinkets and Quest items support

•XP and level up system, with respawning enemies on level up

•Death system with recoverable XP and respawning enemies

•UI for leveling up, inventory and equipment screens

•FULL controller support for both gameplay and UI

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