MALICE - Zealot

For the game me and my brother are making in Unreal Engine 4, the first enemy we decided to make was the Zealot, a hideous, husk of a creature desperate to please the unknown deities they worship. The character was sculpted, re-meshed and the head was poly-painted in Zbrush by my brother, who's site you can visit here: (Insert site here when it's up!). I Cleaned up the mesh. baked the normals/AO/polypainted head etc. and created the textures for the clothes and body using the Quixel Suite. The character was rigged using the Mixamo Auto-Rigger, which was a perfect test for the viability of the tool, and as it turned out for bipedal characters the rigger worked very well. How it would perform with a more complicated model with more clothes, trim and more is hard to say however. Using this rig I created the animations and imported the character and integrated him into the AI class we had set up previously. You can see these animations in-game in the video below.

The Zealot rendered in Marmoset Renderer 2