A four-player arena shooter with strange weapons and weirder enemies.

Slay hordes of creatures in the service of mysterious ascetics and earn passage to the Isle beyond the Lake, a place of unknown revelations.

Reach the end that never comes.

Purgatory, the main battle arena in PERISH where players earn gold by delivering tormented souls to their oblivion


PERISH is a stylish arena shooter developed by ITEM42. Dismal creatures roam Purgatory, a bleak battle arena in which players must slay thousands of lost souls to earn their safe passage to the Afterlife.

When creatures die in PERISH, they drop gold coveted by the Priests of the Temple. Players can purchase new weapons, upgrades and talismans from the Priests, enabling them to more efficiently reap souls and gather more gold.

Players will eventually accrue enough gold to purchase Charon’s Obol, the ticket required to reach the enigmatic final location of the game: The Isle beyond the Lake. Here, the secrets of the Afterlife are revealed.

PERISH may be played alone or with up to four friends, teaming up to heal each other, keep enemies off each other’s backs and solve the myriad secrets spread throughout Purgatory.


Purgatory is the main battle arena in which players face hordes of bizarre creatures inspired by the ancient mythos of Greek and Medieval-Christian tradition.

This arena holds many secrets and rewards that players may investigate, mindful of the threat from the creatures that roam Purgatory. The longer players manage to stay alive Purgatory, the more secrets and unusual events they may bear witness to, and the more gold there is to earn.

Under the extensive exterior environment is a network of tunnels that players may seek refuge in, should the surface be too violent to manage—but the tunnels themselves have their own dangers and rewards.

Purgatory is the place where players earn gold to deposit in Pantheon, the hubworld in PERISH.

Spendthrift concept art, the main enemy and style-guide creature of PERISH’s various creatures


All the gold that is or ever was beneath the moon won’t buy a moment’s rest for even one among these weary souls.” - Canto VII, Dante

All the enemies in PERISH are consumed by the same hunger for gold that drives your own questing.

  • Spendthrifts, as in the image above, are innumerable, and serve as the main cannon fodder during the course of the game. Build a mountain from their spent bodies to reach the Isle beyond the Lake.

  • Shamans conjure waves of malformed creatures that can quickly overrun players if they don’t deal with the shamans quickly.

  • Pythians are priestesses exiled from the Temple, casting powerful homing bolts with the appearance of an inverted cross.

  • Skeletons prefer to employ their archery skills at a distance, fleeing if players get too close.

  • Hounds run very fast and deliver a deadly pouncing bite, but are weak and can be stopped easily if players are quick enough.

  • War mammoths carve an indiscriminate path of destruction through enemies and players alike.

PERISH hubworld concept art depicting gameplay loop


PERISH consists of two main areas: Purgatory (the main battle arena) and Pantheon, the hubworld from which players may travel to Purgatory via the Portal Throne.

The Pantheon is also the location in which players must deposit their earnings from Purgatory, enabling them to buy more gifts, weapons, upgrades and talismans from the Temple in order to make battle in the arena less unforgiving.

Most weapons in PERISH are semi-automatic, allowing the player to focus on accuracy and purpose in their movements and decisions


PERISH is a first-person shooter with two objectives: slaying hordes of creatures and discovering strange artefacts and secrets spread throughout the battle arena.

Player movement and gunplay is fast and responsive with emphasis on medium-fast movement, tight and springy locomotion (jumping, dodging etc), meaty weapon feedback and satisfying recoil.

Gunplay is quick and rewards a high hit ratio. PERISH features a dismemberment system that rewards decapitating heads and severing limbs with quickfast precision.

Player health is represented by three bars. One hit depletes one bar. When the player reaches one bar, it is advisable to return to the hubworld and deposit the earnings from that session.

If the player dies, they lose their earnings permanently unless they can recover the gravestone bearing their name.