The Walking Drone


When first thinking of what I wanted to do for the environment I knew I wanted to create a clean, shiny sci-fi environment. I did however ant to make it a little more active than just the walls, floors and props. I had the idea of making some little drones that would walk and fly around. I found some awesome concept art for a small walking drone. (I also feel kinda back for forgetting who created it.)

I did stray from the concept a little, since I wouldn't be including the folding into itself. I made the body itself larger and changed the shape 



This is the final model/texture. I played around with different placements of the painted areas. I also tried a couple different configurations with pseudo "eyes", however it always looked slightly too goofy. One thing I think I may change is the head, I feel I strayed slightly too far from the concept here and made the head too large.