The Switch to UE4

So UE4 came out quite suddenly in March, and after trying it I very quickly came to the conclusion that I should move my project over to it. Not only does everything look vastly better, the workflow is quicker, the interface is nicer, and the blueprint system will allow me to include a lot more interactivity than I otherwise could. Basically, it's awesome.

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As you can see, the main style of corridor has been improved and now it's in UE4 captures that sci-fi looks much better. The change to PBR has made all the materials look much closer to their real-life counterparts, that being especially noticeable on the door.

During this switch however I started to realise I wasn't being particularly inspired by the whole sci-fi factory theme. After some thinking I decided I'll be sticking to the sci-fi theme, but changing the environment to a more utopian skyscraper, including a lovely balcony with a view of a huge cityscape. Below you can see my start on the balcony, the cityscape however will likely be the part that takes the most work to complete, but if all goes to plan it should be very impressive.

This switch will slow down the development of the project, but I feel it's worth the extra time and effort because of the huge step up in quality the new engine will allow.

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