Blueprints and Interactivity

Blueprints are awesome. I'll start with that. They're easily powerful enough to do everything I could want, and quick enough to get it all done it time. This along with Epic's amazing amount of tutorials, made blueprints exactly what I was looking for. For the project I have had to do no coding whatsoever, which again has made the development of the interactive parts of the environment much easier with a lot less learning involved.

Anyway, enough gushing. The first thing I did using blueprint classes is create a door that requires you to grab an authenticator card from a nearby office and place in into the card reader, which then unlocks the door and allows the door to open. Because a lot of the people trying it out are probably not accustomed to game controls, so I put text above the card with the use button on it. This should teach players the use key for the rest of the level. This is a common way to teach the player within full games, and the goal of the environment is to give a little concept snippet to showcase my skills and understanding in games.