Parliament collapses. The monarchy militarises. The UK is close to civil war and Her Majesty establishes an oppressive leadership over the land. These once stable isles become the lands of despotic kings, freedom fighters and opportunists. You are BLISTER Agent One, tasked with taking down the most fearsome opponents of your despotic monarchy -- the Barons. BLISTER is a single-player SWAT-style FPS where smart tactics and teamwork are crucial to navigating dangerous environments and eliminating the enemy.


Take the lead of the BLISTER unit and eliminate your aggressors room by room. Gain the advantage over your enemies with our room-based tactical breach system and experience the carnage you leave behind with our atmospheric levels and detailed destructive physics.


The Barons are a mean threat to the sovereignty of the Crown. Quash the dissenters with a huge variety of real weapons, variants, modular attachments, skins and cosmetic items.


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